Global Anti-Aging Care - Hands

Global Anti-Aging Care - Hands

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Global Anti-Aging Care Hands - NESCENS

Nescens global anti-aging care hands is a highly effective, all-in-one product which prevents and corrects the appearance of age-related alterations on the overexposed tissues of the hands, dehydration, dryness, roughness, micro-folds, dark spots, loss of density.

Using its in-house technology, Nescens has developed a unique cosmeceutical formula with an ultra-high concentration of active ingredients, which quickly absorbs into the skin to leave a non-greasy-feel.

This targeted anti-aging product is based on the findings from top biomedical research into skin aging. Together, the active ingredients reinforce, redensify and strengthen the skin, making hands look and feel younger.

Apply global anti-aging care hands morning and night on perfectly cleansed and dried hands. Massage the product into the skin tissue, from the wrists right up to the fingertips. Reapply during the day after washing the hands. Finish off with light tapping motions to help the penetration of the cosmeceutical.