Keratolytic Complex - Exfoliator

Keratolytic Complex - Exfoliator

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Keratolytic Complex Exfoliator - Nescens

Complex that combines a polyhydroxy acid with an intensive exfoliation agent that, thanks to its synergistic effect, stimulates the peeling of the skin surface to polish its corneocyte cover. Its active composition leaves the skin retextured and visibly soft, like re-tensioned. The roughness of the skin decreases while the pores thin. The complexion becomes more uniform. The facial characteristics of young skin are restored.

Cosmeceutical benefits:
- Provides a powerful renewal of skin tissues and a softening action.
- Increases cell proliferation and biosynthesis of molecular components, improving the mechanical properties of tissues (elasticity, firmness, tonicity).
- Improves the properties of the skin barrier and increases the resistance of the skin to environmental damage.
- Counteracts the effects of photo-aging through its antioxidant, chelating and depigmenting benefits.

Apply the keratolytic complex preferably at night, once or twice a week, on the face and neck, avoiding all contact with the eyes. Leave on for 5 minutes. Remove all the product with a damp cloth. Dry well.