PHA Resurfacing Emulsion - Body

PHA Resurfacing Emulsion - Body

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PHA Resurfacing Emulsion Body - NESCENS

Nescens PHA Resurfacing Emulsion help to reduce the appearance of excessive desquamation in dry skin conditions associated with the aging process. Based on an innovative strategy of acute acidification and exfoliation of the stratum corneum, it contributes to the elimination of existing flakiness and helps prevent its reappearance.

After just a few applications, the appearance of skin roughness is diminished.

The skin regains the characteristics of younger-looking skin, such as a velvety appearance and a soft, supple feel.

Apply the PHA Resurfacing Emulsion morning and evening on the whole body surface or targeting dry and flaky areas (forearms, thighs, legs.), with effleurage.

Use one pressure for each body zone.