REDENS V6.9 PRO - BODY extract

REDENS V6.9 PRO - BODY extract




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Loss of volume in the face is usually responsible for adding years to the appearance. The redensifying effect of this natural formula is achieved with the combination of Jimo root, a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine, especially known for its abilities to improve the volume of the face and create a loose effect. Together with Babchi seeds, they improve dermal and dermo-epidermal architecture, providing a broad-spectrum 3D structural benefit. In the body, Redensify v6.9 PRO helps rebuild volume where it's needed.

- Redefines silhouette and facial contour
- Provides localized volume
- Improves hydration

Content: 8ml. Vegan.


Remove the safety ring. Remove the cap from the syringe and empty the entire contents of the syringe into the SEPAI cream or serum container. Attach the identifying label of the syringe to the cream bottle in the indicated area. If you have difficulty emptying the contents of the syringe, replace the cap, immerse it for 5 minutes in a cup of hot water, remove the cap and repeat the operation. Shake vigorously before each use and use on clean, dry skin. Use as directed by the SEPAI cream or serum with which it is combined.

Do not apply alone.