Serum Nº01 - Hydratation Intense
Serum Nº01 - Hydratation Intense

Serum Nº01 - Hydratation Intense




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Serum Nº01 - Hydratation Intense - CODAGE

An extra rich composition provides skin with intense moisture, making it softer, suppler and more resilient.

- Instantly infuses lasting moisture. Lipids help skin retain moisture and remain comfortable throughout the day.
- Boost the skin's natural hydration system and protects its outer layer from various environmental attacks. Antioxidants help prevent skin sensitivity and redness, while strengthening the skin's natural defenses and improving its integrity.

Apply morning and-or evening to cleansed skin (face, neck and décolleté). Just a few drops are enough. For dry skin.

Apply to targeted areas and spread the serum with your fingertips using upward movements.

Finish with a few taps for better absorption.
Serums in the CODAGE Collection can be mixed or applied in layers, to meet different needs.
Once the serum(s) has (have) penetrated, apply your Day-Night Cream to protect your skin.

NOTE: When applied in layers with other serums, it is more advisable to apply at the end because its high molecular weight particles prevent other nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin.