Serum Nº06 - Antiaging Supreme
Serum Nº06 - Antiaging Supreme

Serum Nº06 - Antiaging Supreme




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Serum Nº06 - Antiaging Supreme - CODAGE

A unique formula containing the very latest innovations in cosmetic research and active cosmetology to protect your skin, reinvigorate skin cell metabolism and reduce all visible signs of skin aging.

- Focus is on collagen, fibroblast, adult stem cells and elastin to combat and improve all signs of age.
- A selection of the most exclusive and advanced anti-aging actives (growth factors and vegetal stem cells) soften expression lines and smooth wrinkles, firming, repairing and tightening the skin from within.
- An active concentrate helps removes dark spots and both lighten and lift skin, leaving a uniform complexion and restoring its natural sheen, radiant look.
- Encapsulated hyaluronic acid re-plumps the skin.

Apply morning and-or evening to cleansed skin (face, neck and décolleté). Just a few drops are enough. For all skin types. Apply at night and also in the morning for faster results.

Apply to targeted areas and spread the serum with your fingertips using upward movements.

Finish with a few taps for better absorption.
Serums in the CODAGE Collection can be mixed or applied in layers, to meet different needs.
Once the serum(s) has (have) penetrated, apply your Day or Night Cream to protect your skin.