Serum Nº07 - Soothing & Anti-Redness
Serum Nº07 - Soothing & Anti-Redness

Serum Nº07 - Soothing & Anti-Redness




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Serum Nº07 - Soothing & Anti-redeness - CODAGE

A targeted treatment to soothe sensitive skin and reduce redness or other unsightly microcapillaries.

- Soothing agents relieve the reactivity of hypersensitive skin.
- A moisturizing and skin-repairing complex strengthens skin's tolerance threshold for inflammatory reactions to aggressions.
- Helps prevent and correct rosacea-spider veins and traces left over from blemishes-breakouts.
- Helps calm sun burns and any inflammatory reactions.
- Long term efficacy to reduce overall skin sensitivity.

Apply morning and-or evening to cleansed skin (face, neck and décolleté). Just a few drops are enough. For all skin types.

Apply to targeted areas and spread the serum with your fingertips using upward movements.

Finish with a few taps for better absorption.
Serums in the CODAGE Collection can be mixed or applied in layers, to meet different needs.
Once the serum(s) has (have) penetrated, apply your Day-Night Cream to protect your skin.