SLIM V6.3 PRO - BODY extract

SLIM V6.3 PRO - BODY extract




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Slimming Body Extract - Sepai

It limits the accumulation of new fat cells, stimulating yamp; reshaping the body.

SLIMMING - Accelerates the lipolytic action of adipocytes.

Ideal for all skin types, to combat fat accumulation.

- Choose and purchase the combination of up to three extracts that best suit your needs.
- Put all the contents of each vial into the cream following the epceptic instructions attached to the product.
- Reinsert the pump and shake vigorously. Use as directed by the package leaflet.
- Apply the product once or twice a day, in very small amounts, to the areas to be treated. Do not interrupt the treatment for at least three months to perceive the results.

Do not apply alone