TAN V6.8 PRO - FACE extract

TAN V6.8 PRO - FACE extract




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Melanin synthesis stimulant; increases the amount of melanin in human melanocytes in the absence of UV radiation and favors its correct distribution at the epidermal level. Protects cells against damage by infrared and ultraviolet radiation while prolonging the effect of tanning.

- Stimulates the tan
- Activates antioxidant protection, captures free radicals
- Extends the release of melanin
- Prevents the harmful effects of free radicals produced by UV rays

Contains Vegan DHA (tan activator), Palmitoyl Tripeptide (tan extender and stimulant) and Extreme Protector (cell protection against infrared and UV rays)

For all skin types, it prolongs the effect of tanning and achieves a healthier skin tone, with the minimum risk of sun exposure and greater sun protection. It is recommended to use it on the face and body, one week before, during and after sun exposure.

Remove the safety ring. Remove the cap from the syringe and empty the entire contents of the syringe into the SEPAI cream or serum container. Attach the identifying label of the syringe to the cream bottle in the indicated area. If you have difficulty emptying the contents of the syringe, replace the cap, immerse it for 5 minutes in a cup of hot water, remove the cap and repeat the operation. Shake vigorously before each use and use on clean, dry skin. Use as directed by the SEPAI cream or serum with which it is combined.

Start by applying TAN PROLONG v6.8 one week before sun exposure, at least once a day, on clean skin (day and night). Apply it regularly during the sunny season and continue using it for at least 3 weeks after exposure to maximize results.