Zombie Cell Clearing Serum - Face

Zombie Cell Clearing Serum - Face

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Zombie Cell Clearing Serum - Nescens

Global skin aging, redness and lack of density and elasticity.

In young tissue, senescent cells "self-destruct" through a biologically programmed process. However, as we age and are exposed to sources of oxidative stress, such as UV rays and pollution, the number of senescent cells gradually increases.

These cells can no longer renew and regenerate tissue, but they cannot die either, hence the term "zombie cells". Instead, they secrete substances that can cause inflammation and aging, contaminating neighboring cells and causing them to become senescent as well.

When these "zombie cells" are present, the skin ages faster, loses its thickness, acquires wrinkles and becomes less dense and elastic. Nescens has created an advanced formula that contains a high concentration of senolytic agents that can approach senescent cells and restore tissue.


As part of the Nescens cosmeceutical plan, apply twice a day to a perfectly clean and dry face and neck. Pump 4 drops into the palm of your hands. Apply with smooth movements and tap lightly to optimize penetration.