The purchasing process consists of the following steps:

1 STEP: Order Summary

The items you have included in your basket are displayed.

You must accept the shipping and returns policy.

Then click on COMPLETE ORDER

2 STEP: Personal and shipping information

If you are a registered customer, by entering your email and the password you defined, you will be able to recover the data you entered in a previous purchase. Clicking on SEND will show your details.

If you are a new client, you must complete the information requested to register. This way the data will be saved for future purchases.

Please complete the necessary information to correctly complete the shipment.

NOTE: If you need it, you can request an invoice at this time, which will be sent to you separately.

You must accept the conditions of privacy and use, and request if you want us to contact you for commercial communications.

To continue you must click on CONFIRM ORDER

3 STEP: Order confirmation and payment

This step displays a summary of the order with the shipping address and the items that have been included, as well as the transportation options and payment method.

If you have selected invoice, the billing information will be displayed.

If you want to modify any information or item, you have time to do so before proceeding to pay for the order.

You must select between the different transportation options.

You must select the payment method.

To proceed with payment you must click on PAY ORDER. Next, the payment gateway will be shown where you must enter your data.

Once the payment has been validated, you will return to the Perfumería Benegas website and you will receive the order confirmation with all the information in the email you provided us.

This step concludes the purchasing process.