Welcome to Benegas Perfumery. Since 1908 it has opened its doors on the corner of the streets Garibay and Peñaflorida in Donostia - San Sebastián.

Original Cologne

In the middle of the last century, when the uses and hygiene of homes were different from what we know today, all members of the same family used the same bath cologne. At this time, the founders of Casa Benegas offered their own colony for family use.

The third generation of the family business in 1996, inspired by this original concept, reissued the colony, giving rise to the house Cologne of today.

The cologne has a main accord of citrus and floral notes composed of bergamot, lemon, orange blossom, lavender, and jasmine. A fragrance designed for the whole family.


BENEGAS - Cologne Splash

BENEGAS - Cologne Splash



BENEGAS - Colonia

BENEGAS - Colonia







Cologne Concentrée

Cologne Concentrée offers a more intense experience than the classic Cologne, softening the initial citrus notes and slightly accentuating the background notes. The pleasant heart of orange blossom and jasmine remains, providing the characteristic notes to the fragrance.


Cologne Blanche

Cologne Blanche is inspired by spring flowers to convey a delicate floral facet, with elegant subtlety.

The fragrance has a main floral accord where you can sense lily of the valley softened with lilacs. With a slightly musky base that delicately embraces.


Cologne Boisée

Cologne Boisée subtly enhances the woody notes.

The fragrance has a clean woody accord where watery initial notes accompanied by subtle hyacinth give way to a soft cedar background.


Cologne baby

A soft, floral and tender Eau de Cologne. The composition of citrus and delicate flowers with a soft and warm background, defines this fragrance made for young children.


BENEGAS - Colonia Niños

BENEGAS - Colonia Niños




Benegas Perfumery offers a refill service. The bottles are designed to be reused so customers can come and refill the bottles with their favorite fragrance.

Toiletry bags

Our collection of toiletry bags, designed to be practical on a daily basis as well as elegant.




1908 is the date when it was founded by D. Francisco Benegas and his wife, Doña Justa Echeverría, "Casa Benegas", at the corner of the streets Peñaflorida and Garibay in Donostia - San Sebastián. An English style barber shop and a perfumery.

The entrepreneurial nature of marriage, leads them to incorporate the latest French and English articles of the time.

It is the "belle epoque" of San Sebastian. Time of splendor and glamor that makes the clientele of "Casa Benegas" personalities from all over the world, intellectuals, artists, and as San Sebastian was the summer residence of the royal family, it was among their customers.


Over the years comes the generational renewal. And that's when D. Luis M ª Benegas, son of D. Francisco Benegas and with his wife Doña Teresa Diaz de Guereñu, lead the new stage. The years 50.

They renew facilities and perfumery acquired all the attention of business. That's when all international perfume and cosmetics firms are present.

The passage of time continues inexorably forward and in the 70s, Charo Benegas and Asunción Benegas (third generation) take the leadership of perfumery, but not before having been trained in Paris in one of the best aesthetic centers of the time. The two will establish the beauty cabin service.


At the present time, Charo Benegas and Luis Gimeno Benegas manage the family business to give continuity to the fourth generation.

His entrepreneurial spirit and their quest to maintain the essence and spirit of the founders, leads them constantly to work on finding the best and most pioneer product on the market.


A personalized experience ...

The essence of the experience in Benegas Perfumery is to transform your treatment in a tailor­made event, created for you and only for you. True union between our expertise and aesthetic experience.

Since you are introduced to the art and beauty care, our professional team will guide on your way to reach the answer to your desires.

Having experience in Perfumery Benegas treatment is to benefit from the high­tech products used and a unique massage technique.

In our beauty cabin you can enjoy:

  • Personalized treatments of different lengths and with different techniques.
  • Makeup for special occasions.

For information about the different treatments and reserve hours we are available at:

  • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 13:30 and 16:00 to 19:30 (GMT+1)
  • Phone: +34 943 420 305
  • WhatsApp: +34 637 887 828
  • e­­mail: beauty@perfumeriabenegas.com

FACIALS treatments:

    The know-how of the French "maison" and the technology of its cosmetics applied to beauty cabin treatments.
    An avant-garde brand of Spanish origin that combines the best of nature with the best of technology in its active ingredients.
  • NESCENS - Swiss Antiaging
    The NESCENS Clinic in Genolier, Switzerland, is the origin of this brand specialized in trating the signs of skin aging.

BODY treatments:

    An avant-garde brand of Spanish origin that combines the best of nature with the best of technology in its active ingredients. Its technology allows personalizing treatments to the needs of the skin.