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Amygdala - Mendittorosa

Do we have a flower in the brain?
Where the angels falter, in the deepest recesses of our brain, there a tiny part with the allusive and symbolic shape of an almond has been named Amygdala. Could it be there that in addition to fear and emotions, an endless flowery field unfolds, of light and violets, of mysteries and passions, of attachments and leaks and of inexplicable beauty?

The inspiration for this Talisman Extreme was born from the recent psychological and biological studies of Stefania, the founder of Mendittorosa, who in addition to creating perfumes also has a certified Master of Science in Psychology.

Amygdala Extrait de Parfum 35% is deliberately extremely powerful, but at the same time charming. The amygdala releases a force of attraction, lifting us above good and bad thoughts, and making us float in the infinite immensity of our own brain.

Luca was guided by a DTI image of our cerebral hemispheres in which he could see a huge iris flower, they immediately focused and worked around a complex and exciting floral bouquet. He wanted to try his hand at many cross-references between the raw materials as a tribute to the many neural interconnections. ginger and coffee transmit energy and dynamism to the top notes, and in their extreme contrast they represent the flashes of emotional impulses. For the heart, Luca and Stefania have always thought of the almond, which recalls the shape of the amygdala, and then left the word to the flowers: iris, ylang ylang, violet leaves and orange blossom for the colours. Finally, to celebrate the leading role of the amygdala precisely in olfactory processing and in olfactory memory in particular, I tried to create a fragrance that surprises and can change our facial expressions.