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Athanor - Mendittorosa

Athanor is the perfume of mystique, magic and real change.
The essence of our life.

This extreme Talismans is tracing its roots back to the alchemical experiments and efforts made since the Middle Ages. Athanor comes with a unique sculpture that symbolises the transformation and blending of elements made possible by fire at extreme temperatures in the crucible. Smell the sulphur from the process! Underneath and inside you find a fusion of ethics and aesthetics to enhance the beauty of your personality. A blend of flowers and fumencens (obtained by high temperature dry distillation from olibanum gum) will surround you. The result is a smell of pleasure and intoxication made by the best oils of highest concentration.

Let Athanor penetrate your body and soul, and you will spread gold to the world like the nugget on the bottom of the bottle. Reach your core and light inside and share.

"Thus, the superior man consolidates his fate
by making his position correct."
50, Ting. The Crucible. I Ching.

Head notes: Sulphur, Cassis and Saffron
Heart notes: Iris, Cypriol and Fumencens
Base notes: Cashmeran, Guaiac wood, Vetiver Java and Black amber

Olfactive vision: Stefania Squeglia