BENEGAS - Colonia Concentrée

BENEGAS - Colonia Concentrée

BENEGAS - Colonia Concentrée


EDC 100ml


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Benegas Cologne Concentrée

Benegas Perfumery offers its own line of products. In the middle of last century when the uses and hygiene were different as we know them now, all family members used the same bath cologne. At this time the founders of "House Benegas" offered their own cologne for family use.
In 1996 the third generation of the family, inspired by the original concept, reissued the colony resulting in today "House Benegas - Cologne".

The Cologne Concentrée offers a more intense experience of the classical house cologne, softening the initial citrus notes and slightly accentuating the base ones. The pleasant heart of orange blossom and jasmine remains contributing the characteristic notes of the fragrance.

It comes in a handy traditional refillable bottle with natural spray.