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Ganymede - Marc Antonie Barrois

The perfume of a dreamlike reality For this new work, the duo has not changed, nor the creative osmosis between Marc-Antoine Barrois and Quentin Bisch, but destiny is elsewhere. Creating an elegant and unexpected harmony around a quartet of mandarin, violet, immortelle and buckskin, the two fellow artists have dreamed of this new planet: Ganymede, the rocky satellite of Jupiter discovered in 1610 by Galileo, is luminous and covered with salt water oceans. It got its name from Greek mythology: a young man, Ganymede, was kidnapped by gods who had been so captivated by his beauty that they offered him immortality.

The notes answer one another in a permanent conversation drawing a new olfactory map on the skin, on the revers of a cashmere jacket, or even right there, next to the buttons of the sleeves, on the wrist. If it could be summed up into one single image, it would be a compass: north for the zested liveliness of the mandarin to which the south would answer with the everlasting flower and to highlight this olfactory frame, the density of suede notes on the west would balance the subtle and delicate florality of the violet on the east. Those are four directions for a perfumed journey to a new imaginary world and new codes of elegance.

The notes of this eau de parfum are:
- Top notes: Mandarina from Italy essence heart, safran
- Heart notes: violet, Chinese osmanthus absolute
- Base notes: Akigalawood and Immortelle absolute