The World According to ARTHUR...

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The World According to ARTHUR

Sometimes you have to travel far, to discover the family...

ARTHUR, Lord George's older brother, feeling the weight of high expectations and the pressure of his many tedious relationships, fled (literally) from law school, as the perceived luck of others was rather dull for him...

His quest in traveling to the Celestial Empire was to bring his spiritual quotient to a perceptibly higher level. He visited hills, lakes and temples in a decrepit chariot searching everywhere for his own Luck Dragon...


Arthur - Penhaligon's Portraits


The newest member of Penhaligon's Portraits family, the world according to Arthur, the older brother of Lord George, who leaves his aristocratic home to explore a world of wisdom. He has mastered true insight, though when he gets angry he emits fire.

The Dragon...

These mythological creatures are associated with wealth, power, and leadership. They are believed to be creatures of fortune, good luck and kindness...

Arthur - Penhaligon's Portraits


The fragance

An Eau de Parfum that transports us to the Celestial Empires, where the fire of a mystical dragon evokes an enveloping incense.

The fragrance intensifies all facets of the incense using three complementary qualities: Fresh, Resinous and Leathery.

All the essences come together to create a sensual, burning and aromatic aroma.

Vanilla infusion creates an enveloping sweetness, followed by a powdery layer of ambrette, finally rounded off with an almondy sweetness of tonka bean.






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